Hemp Oil Benefits

Why Should You Use Hemp Oil?

Learn about hemp oil benefits, why you should use it, and what it can do for your body

Why Choose Hemp Oil?

Health is a huge topic these days, and there are so many ways to address it. Every day there’s a new “hot” diet, some goofy workout contraption, or a new superfood. It can be difficult to decide how to properly take care of your body.

Hemp oil is still relatively new, but there’s a lot of evidence that shows hemp oil can help with a wide array of issues ranging from skin health, brain health, epilepsy, stress, depression and much more!


Brain Function

Hemp oil has the unique content of fatty acids and the perfect ratio of linoleic acid to alpha linoleic acid that help the brain function at its optimal level.


Hair & Nail Health

Omega-3 fatty acids in hemp oil replenish moisture and the natural oils of your hair, giving it strength and shine.


Improved Digestion

Hemp oil also contains enough omega-3 to help support the development of the microorganisms that live in our intestines.


Improved Mood

Magnesium, being the “relaxation mineral” of the body, is directly affected by hemp, calming the body and helping with stress and anxiety.


Did You Know?

The body generates cannabinoids naturally within the body. However, the amount of cannabinoids that the brain produces on its own is so small that it is recommended to supplement. Supplements include products like hemp oil or cannabidiol (i.e., CBD).


More Hemp Oil Benefits

Hemp For Your Mood

Hemp oil has been shown to promote a stable emotional profile, reducing severe ups and downs and stabilizing pyschological conditions that often require pills.

Hemp Oil has been shown to promote a good night’s sleep.

Studies show that hemp oil helps to reduce stress and anxieity, offering a calming presence.

Hemp For Your Health

  • Hemp is becoming more relied upon for arthritis, IBS, headaches, and fibromyalgia
  • A study from the National Library of Medicine showed consistent use of Hemp Oil reduced pain and inflammation.
  • Hemp has been shown to relieve the side of cancer treatments. Treatment via CBD oil is effective as edibles, smoked or used in a vaporizer.
  • Hemp has been reported to reduce the effects of PMS due to its concentration of GLA.
  • Existing preclinical evidence strongly supports the potential of CBD as a treatment for anxiety disorders and PTSD.


Hemp For Your Household

  • Refined hemp oil is oftentimes used in body care goods, whereas industrial hemp oil is frequently used in lubricants and paint.
  • Hemp oil can be used as a wood varnish.
  • Hemp seed oil can be purchased at your neighborhood grocery shop and is employed in cooking products or topical items like soaps and lotion.
  • Hemp’s strong fibers make it a great solution for clothing, rope, and shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What You Need To Know

Is Hemp Oil Safe?

Because it takes a significantly larger amount of hemp stalks to produce hemp oil, there is an increased risk of contamination of toxins contained within the plant. This is because hemp tends to pull higher levels of toxins from the soil it grows in. Many hemp oils are also known to lack the full spectrum of terpenes and other cannabinoids that are believed to act synergistically with the CBD, meaning that consumers receive less of a benefit. With that said, there are some brands that test rigorously to make sure that the CBD content, terpenes, and other cannabinoids, are up to par.

When shopping for Hemp Oil and CBD Oil, see if the manufacturer offers an analysis of the product. If so, this is often a good sign that they're doing everything they can to provide the highest quality product. 

Is Hemp Oil The Same Cannabis?

No. Both are made from the same plant, but hemp oil is normally pressed from the seeds of the hemp plant or extracted from the stalks. The flowers of the plant are not used in the hemp oil process. Cannabis oil uses the flowers of the Cannabis plant, thus resulting in higher levels of THC. 


Is Hemp Oil Legal?

Hemp oil is completely legal for sale, so there's no need to get a medical marijuana card or move to a state where marijuana is legal. Hemp is grown completely differently, and sale of its oil is legal in all 50 states.



What are the side effects of Hemp Oil?

Though very rare, some people report side effects when using hemp oil. These side effects include low blood pressure, dry mouth, slowed thoughts, lightheadedness, and sedation. Animal studies have not found any toxicity issues with using CBD. In fact, a study in 2006 found that "the available clinical data suggest that CBD can be safely administered over a wide dose range." As always, because there aren't long-term safety studies, you should always check with your health care provider before starting hemp oil.

Will I Get High?

No. Hemp products are tested for THC. All properly tested hemp and CBD products, including hemp oil and CBD oil, have less than .3% THC, which cannot make your high. 

Is Hemp Oil Weed?

No. While they are both part of the Cannabis family, Hemp and Marijuana are very different. Learn more here.